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Трос 12-и прядный - Dyneema SK99

SK99 fiber is the highest standard for high molecular weight polyethylene ropes. Dyneema is the strongest fiber on Earth, and Dyneema SK99 is the strongest fiber. Compared to its predecessor SK78, SK99 is 20% stronger. SK99 offers unrivaled strength in small diameters.
The rope has a reinforced coating that increases resistance to abrasion and wear. For extreme use.

Super Pre-stretching:

The DyneemaSK99-12 rope is heat-stabilized and pre-tensioned to eliminate stretching and increase the strength of the rope. The pre-tension includes a thermal stabilization process.

This rope undergoes the so-called Super Pre-stretching process, in which the rope is brought to the limit in heat treatment and load using high-precision equipment, which allows achieving the highest results.

Tensile Elongation:

Strength 10% 20% 30%
Elongation 0.15% 0.32% 0.50%
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