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On photo: Tracers manufacture facility and testing lab

Tracers® - manufacture of stunt and work at height equipment.

History of Tracers has began in 2002 when Oleg Krasnyanskiy started parkour team. Team was named after french word "traceur" which means "man who paves the way". Tracers has been practising parkour, climbing, rope jumping. We have made award winning movies and videos; 7 international parkour festivals; took part in projects all over the world.

Having more than 10 years experience in everything that related to action and work at height we started manufacturing company. Now Tracers make harnesses and gear for stunts, flying perfomances in cinema, theatre, circus.

Our goal is to make action and stunts on screen and stage safe.

Moments from Tracers history
(shootings, events, trainings):

To know more about Tracers:

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